Workshop agenda is available here!
3rd International Workshop on
Net-Centric Computing

May 14, 2001;
Toronto, Canada
NCC 2001
Theme: Migrating to the Web

ICSE 2001

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The NCC 200 workshop proceedings are available electronically in PDF format here (1.73MB). A printed and bound copy of the proceedings will be supplied to workshop attendees at ICSE 2001 in Toronto.


This is a list of the papers in the proceedings:

Web-Centric Business Process Reengineering 
L. Aversano, A. Cimitile, A. De Lucia, and P. Gallucci

Mechanically Transforming a Legacy Application into a Network Application
I. Baxter

Net Centric Computing: Now and in the Future – Some Fictional Insights
C. Boldyreff

VARLET/BABEL: Toolkit for Net-Centric Legacy Data Integration
Y. Bychkov and J. Jahnke

microSynergy: Generative Tool Support for Networking Embedded Controllers
M. d’Entremont and J. Jahnke

Call Control Component Implementing Converged Telephony Internet Networks
P. Falcarin and P. Lago

Reengineering for Evolution of Distributed Information Systems
H. Giese and J. Wadsack

An Integrated Approach for Software Documentation Based on MSR Standards
J. Hartmann

Performance Optimization Appraisal on Web-enabling Legacy Applications
R. Rajagopal and E. Xavier

Experience in Migrating Legacy Systems to the Web
W. Scacchi

Towards A Reference Architecture for Service Integration on the WEB
E. Stroulia

The State of Net-Centric Computing in Early 2001
S. Tilley, S. Huang, and K. Wong

IT-based service as solution for workgroup/cooperations
M. Wiedeler

Strengthening XML Architecture Utilizing XML Schema Artifacts for B2B E-Commerce Applications
E. Xavier

Towards a Web-centric Legacy System Migration Framework
Y. Zou and K. Kontogiannis

Call for Papers

The original Call for Papers is available in PDF format here and in ASCII format here

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